Derek Herbert and the Tommy Cooper Tribute

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The Man with the Fez!
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Tommy Cooper Tribute, Story and Show

Tommy Cooper was a true original-the trademark fez, that distinctive laugh, the clumsy bewildered delivery and,of course,the famous catchphrase “Just like that”.

He did not have to utter a word to make his audience laugh-his appearance was enough .His appetite for work and to make people laugh was voracious; that is all he lived for and how we need him today!

Tommy Cooper Tribute

The Tommy Cooper legend lives on however through Derek Herbert! You will be impressed just how Derek recreates Tommy in his distinctive style in the form of a Tribute to Tommy by telling the Tommy Cooper Life Story including Tommy-style silly jokes and magic tricks. An accomplished singer and musician, Derek has a wealth of musical theatre, TV and radio experience. He regularly entertains throughout the country as a cheeky George Formby Tribute at private and public functions also he is a superbly convincing Winston Churchill Impersonator frequently attending commemorative, private, corporate events and functions.

If it’s laughter you’re after book Derek‘s Tribute to Tommy Cooper. It really is hilarious and “magic” - you’ll love it!

Tommy Cooper Tribute

IDEAL for: Private & Corporate Functions; After – Dinner Speaking, Conferences, TV/Film Appearances, Voice Overs, Product Launches, Award Ceremonies, Theme Nights, Exhibitions, Charity Events, Staff Training/Induction Videos, Advertising, TV, Radio, Presenting.

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